Sunday, February 19, 2017

"Winter" in New York

Last Friday, I have reported about snow. In order to achieve the utmost contrast (and to calm all anti-snow-fans), today I will write about sun, beach and 25 degree Celsius. In the middle of February, the month which is said to be the toughest in New York? Yes.
When I started thinking about the blog post, I was planning to tell you about my trip to Miami last weekend. Freshfields invited German and Austrian law students to “Step into sunshine” – or better to a recruiting event. Miami beach, hanging out in outdoor pools, wearing shorts, doing an M&A workshop and getting to know the law firm world seemed to be the perfect alternative to the snow chaos in New York. Hence I wanted to conclude and ensure to all those, who are tired or afraid of snow: Miami is definitely worth going for the weekend. It is not too far. A two to three hour flight, and you can get a sunburn on famous South Beach. No need to be afraid of New York winters.

But as I have learned this week, Miami is not the only solution: for those of you, who have more stamina to survive the snow: you just need to survive a week! This weekend, entire New York – all dogs, all kids, all workaholics – was in Central Park. Why? Because there was no need to flee to Miami anymore to get a sunburn: 21 degree Celsius, sun all day – in short: shorts-weather.

So, for everybody who is afraid of the terrible, never-ending winter in New York – this seems to be a fairy tale. And if you don’t believe it, there is still warm winter clothing – who knows, maybe we will need it again tomorrow…

P.S. If the last blog posts gave the impression that the spring semester doesn't include readings or work - unfortunately, I have to disappoint your hope...we do have readings...a lot...


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