Friday, March 17, 2017

Graduation is nearing

There will come the moment when you realize that the year you have planed for so long draws to a close. Soon, way too soon.
The moment, which makes you realize this, when graduation mails arrive. This is probably late February. February, when there are still three month to go… I do not yet know how graduation will be, but judging all the effort (and mails) which are put into this, it will be a highlight in the LLM for sure.
There is so much to organize. And so many deadlines you can miss. Taking a graduation photo (already taken). Renting a gown. Organizing tickets. Voting for the class speaker – this is actually fun. Anyone can run for it and is asked to prepare a two minute video to explain to the fellow classmates why it should be him or her representing the class ’17 at graduation. All videos were impressive as regards professionalism, rhetoric, skill and creativity: some sang songs, some promised to rhyme the speech, some created professional advertisement clips. And already then two month before graduation, the class speaker is already announced. The keynote speaker is announced. The Graduate Legal Studies Team invites the LLM class for get-togethers.

Graduation season has started. It means that the LLM unfortunately will end soon. But it also means, it has not yet ended. It is not too late, to tick of everything you have planed to do in New York…


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