Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Grad Ball

It was advertised as the last big gala of our law school careers. And indeed, it was big. It was huge. It was tremendous. In the gorgeous Capitale, we had exactly three hours and twenty minutes (Americans are really strict on when to end a party) to officially celebrate ourselves, our time in New York, our successful study at Columbia, our new friendships and everything else one more time! When you saw stunning evening dresses, elegant smokings, skillful hairstyles, and surprisingly many more or less artistic bound bow ties, you started to realize that these amazing, inspiring, awesome nine month really come to an end. Delicious food (Where was the strongly advertised dessert??), open bar fulfilling almost all wishes, an impressive hall – the setting was perfect to start saying farewell! American-style (very) loud and diverse music (even during dinner) made also sure that talking remained an attempt, or at least that no one could understand what the conversational partner was trying to articulate (it was probably about the plans what will happen next (which meant that the year is over now) – so “Oh so interesting” and “time flies” was anyways always the right answer, no one could hear) – party, party joyful was the main motive of the evening. I think no further comment is necessary here... Let's sum it up like this: A great night for a sad reason - but if you say good bye like this, it makes it easier.


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